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I was born and raised in the West Midlands, UK and now live in Stevenage, around 30 miles north of London.

Over the years, I’ve always been somewhat of a thrill seaker without ever realisng it. I’m a qualified ski instructor, qalified to solo and formation skydive and also loved to ride my motorbike at the weekends although I don’t get out as much these days.

Growing up a also never had a facination with travelling and also ended up finding a love for that by accident with the ski trips playing some formative part of that. During my stint at university, I took the opportunity to study abroad in Holland for 6 months which opened up my eyes to many different cultures through the other exchange students that I got to know.

Since graduating from university, I have worked in the field of Procurement in multiples roles having that the opportunity to be both promoted internally and make transitions to other companies.